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Wednesday, 9th of December at 5:30pm GMT

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The best of both worlds

Combining OCaml's type checker with the fault-tolerance of the BEAM.

Caramel is an exciting new language for the BEAM which offers a highly expressive type-system and a blazingly fast type checker. As a result, your team can rule out entire classes of errors by using types that are closer to your domain. Caramel combines the world-class type system of OCaml with the world class run time of the BEAM. This potential offers extremely bulletproof systems with the type checker catching everything before production and the BEAM VM, offering all the benefits of its error handling in production. 

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In this webinar, Leandro Ostera, the creator of Caramel, will explore the inspiration for Caramel. Give a demonstration of how it currently works and discuss the roadmap for exciting future developments







Leandro Ostera

Leandro Ostera is a software developer at Erlang Solutions. He's originally from small-town Argentina, and has been part of the team at Klarna and Spotify. He enjoys building compilers and builds systems at Abstract Machines in his spare time.

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