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Wednesday, 21st of October at 5:30pm BST

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How Elixir made me a better Java programmer

Learn first hand about how functional concepts benefit you as a programmer, even if you return to object-orientated languages.

Functional Programming is a growing trend, and is ideally suited for solving many of today's computing challenges, so it makes sense that many programmers have found themselves asking: 

"Will this replace Object Oriented paradigm? Do I only need to learn Functional languages now?"

But what if, we told you that you could become better as an object-oriented programmer by learning Functional concepts?

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In this webinar, Juliana Helena will share the story of how she fell in love with Elixir, but changed jobs and found herself with the challenge of returning to dealing with Object Orientation in Java with the surprising realisation that the Functional concepts she learned made her a better Java programmer. 

Juliana will share her experience navigating between these two worlds: FP and OOP, and how it is possible to apply Functional concepts, such as immutability, even with Java.



Juliana Helena

Juliana is a multidisciplinary developer who believes in the value of inclusion and diversity in Technology, and also in recognising that technologies or languages ​​are a means to achieve an objective. Her career experience and pursuit of finding the right tool for the objective she is trying to achieve has seen her work with Elixir, Java, Ruby and Python.

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