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September 23 - 17:30pm BST

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Modern Log Management Enables Observability at Scale for Complex Systems and Modern Applications.

Are you having a hard time pinpointing errors as they arise? With distributed systems and complex environments, it’s more important than ever to be able to understand what’s happening, and identify the root-cause of an issue in real time. This is even more crucial when your systems need to scale quickly or handle traffic spikes efficiently.  

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A modern log management platform with flexible log processing can help to add value to Erlang and Elixir ecosystems. By utilizing existing open-source tools it’s easy to take the data from a system written on top of the beam vm and ingest it into a log management platform for live or after-the-fact analysis. Users of tools such as Grafana can even use this type of platform as the data lake for their existing metrics dashboard by ingesting their metrics into it.


How Humio Can Help?

Humio allows for complete and actionable observability by monitoring resources and identifying problems in real time.This ensures that systems and applications are performing optimally, even at scale. Live log data provides immediate insights into multi-layered architectures to quickly identify what is slowing the system down or causing a customer-facing issue. Quickly identifying the source of the problem can reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) when something goes wrong.

Join this webinar to learn about the value of a platform built specifically for streaming log data that allows organizations to have complete observability for large, scable deployments, where real-time communication and user experience is critical to the success of the business.



Humio Team

Kresten Krab Thorup - CTO and Founder of Humio. Kresten provides technical leadership

and vision at Humio. In his previous role as CTO of Trifork, Kresten was responsible for technical strategy and has provided consulting advice to teams on a variety of technologies to include distributed systems and databases, erlang, Java, and mobile application development. Simon Stender Boisen - Solution Architect at Humio. As a Software Engineer at Humio, Simon helps to identify opportunities for improvement by continually improving existing codebases, and liaising with his colleagues to implement technical designs. Before starting at Humio, Simon worked as the Chief Technology Officer and Founding Engineer at Lix Technologies, a startup focused on developing a new digital platform to optimize the learning experience, which was written in elixir. He has worked over thirteen years as a software engineer on a broad range of projects for multiple tech companies based in Denmark.

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